Question about packages

Jean-Philippe Mengual mengualjeanphi at
Sat Jul 23 07:43:57 PDT 2005

When I have finished everything, I'll want to install pdftotext, which
is in the package xpdf-tools. But this package contains a lot of
useless tools for me. So, is it possible to extract pdftotext only,
and to install only this package? Or do I have to install all the
package? With lfs, I imagine I can try to have on my computer only
packages I want, and not useless programs I'll never use.
I've the same problem for a few other programs such as mkfs.vfat, in
dosfstools, I only want mkfs.vfat and not all the package...
Thanks for your answer, I'd like to have information to go on lfs more

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