'netstat' can not list ports listened by Java code(such as tomcat)

Eric Qi eq0625 at 163.com
Sun Jul 24 22:31:28 PDT 2005


I met a weird problem with my LFS:
the 'netstat' command can not list ports
listened by java code,such as Tomcat.

following commands were issued:

#netstat -t and
#netstat -a |grep tcp

none of the above commands shows that port 8080
was listened by some process.
but if I enter "http://localhost:8080/" in firefox,
the welcome page of tomcat appears successfully.

Then I wrote a small java program which simplly listnes
on tcp port 4000, and waiting for incoming connections.
the 'netstat' can not see the port ether, but I can
telnet to the port.

all established connections through the ports
can be listed by netstat.

and even the listening ports(tcp) can be seen with
command 'fuser -uv -n tcp xxxx', (xxxx is the tcp port
to be checked, the command line sholud be issued by root).

I installed LFS6.0, kernel updated to, and udev
to udev-058. other packages remain same as LFS6.0.
oh,I also install gcc-3.3.4 in /opt.

If someone met this problem too, please tell me your solution,
thanks in advance.
I had doubted whether my computer was infected by virus or
root kit, but I am not sure on that.


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