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Tue Jul 26 02:33:08 PDT 2005

Recently, Somebody Somewhere wrote these words
> > Don't know the package but I presume it uses ghostscript.
> > 
> > One thing that opens things for you is the gs GS_FONTPATH variable. Try
> > this in an xterm
> > 
> > export GS_FONTPATH=path-to-these/fonts:path-to-those/fonts:etc
> > 
> > then run gs in the terminal and it will spew messages about gs-8.x
> > checking all these directories, finding fonts and vetting them. Put a
> > GS_FONTPATH in /etc/profile.
> I'm using ESP Ghostscript b/c I need the CUPS support.  Tried the
> GS_FONTPATH suggestion with no success.

What came up in the X terminal? Did it find the fonts? (It reads
fonts.dir & fonts.scale, afaict). Do these font definition files exist
in each font subdir and contain the ttf fonts?

Problems will relate to having 160 fonts in the subdir and gs only
finding 88 (the rest are missing from fonts.dir & fonts.scale); not
finding it's own fonts (Where have you got them?) and not using fonts it
does find.
> I think I should clarify my problem.  Really what I'm trying to do is
> get full TTF support in gpdf.  The plain fonts seem to work OK, e.g.
> Arial, Tahoma, etc.  When I use variations of those fonts, e.g. Bold
> or Italics, a default font is used instead.

If gPDF is a standalone postscript editor, fine. Otherwise let's sort
ghostscript first.

you can view files with 'gs <filename>' when the it is ps, eps, or pdf.

Makle yourself a test file with large sizes of unavailable fonts, and
call gs to view it from an xterm. Record the dialogue thusly

gs > gs.err 2>&1


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	Declan Moriarty.

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