Building RPM

Tarek Ghaleb turmeric2005 at
Tue Jul 26 14:28:59 PDT 2005

* On [26 Jul 2005 22:58 +0300] <randy at> wrote:
> Tarek Ghaleb wrote these words on 07/26/05 14:46 CST:
> > Which version of glibc did you use with DB-4.3.27?
> I thought we were discussing building on an LFS-6.1 system. That
> would make it Glibc-2.3.4 for me.

I guess then the problem is not with glibc-2.3.4. I don't know what it
might be, except that for now I got it to work. It might be something I
did differently while building the system--unless someone else has a
similar problem. Thanks.


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