Problems mounting media

randhir phagura rsphagura at
Tue Nov 8 01:51:30 PST 2005


Dan Nicholson wrote on Mon, 7 Nov 2005:

>>1. While the other data cd's are mounted normally, I cannot mount music 
>>on BLFS. The cd's have been checked against Windows XP on the same 
>>These are working normally there. Music is otherwise, working well on BLFS
>>in xmms. The error while mounting music cd's on BLFS is as given below:
>The difference is that you don't mount it since it's not an iso9660 file 
>system.  So, for instance, since >you have GNOME, you can install grip or 
>sound-juicer  and rip the tracks from the disk without >ever mounting it.

Thanks Dan, for your detailed expose. I am using KDE mainly but have gnome 
also, partly. How does one convert music to mp3 in blfs?
Will take your advice on autofs too and, as Randy had said, installation of 
'gnome volume manager', when included in the book, will solve the problem.

Giulio Daprel wrote on Mon, 7 Nov 2005:
>>cd              -fstype=iso9660,ro,nosuid,nodev         :/dev/hdc
>>floppy          -fstype=auto,rw                        :/dev/fd0

>These lines for autofs must be treated in a similar way as if they
>were in the fstab file (yes they're not the same, but the options
>You must add the option 'user' to be able to mount the device as a normal 

Thanks for your tip Giulio. Will do likewise untill I discard autofs, that 
is, once 'gnome volume manager' gets going.

Kind Regards

Randhir Phagura

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