gDesklets not appearing

Lennon Cook maguswizardo at
Sun Nov 13 03:55:01 PST 2005

I have set up some gDesklets, and they were working properly. I put
'gdesklets &' into my xinitrc. Now I restart X, and none of my
gDesklets is appearing. They do start (the splash screen telling me
that each is loading shows up), they simply don't appear. The same
thing happens if I start gdesklets manually from an xterm. I thought
that ROXFiler may be covering them, but they don't show up if I kill
Rox or even if I don't start it at all. The problem also seems to be
independant of the window manager, atleast insofar as I get the same
symptoms in Openbox and Metacity.
Has anyone had experiences like this in the past? What could cause
this, and how could I fix it?

Lennon Victor Cook

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