INIT & bash

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Nov 16 20:03:04 PST 2005

mess-mate wrote:

> FOUND !!!!!
> It's not a bash but an ASH bug ???
> After checking the /bin/sh link it was linked to /ban/ash ( yes,
> i've installed ash as always)
> Removing that link and relink it to /bin/bash SOLVED the problem.
> So can ot be an ash bug ???

Actually, it is a bootscript bug.  They should be sh compliant, and this 
is fixed in SVN (as mentioned previously).  However, ash should not be 
linked to /bin/sh on any box with hotplug.  The hotplug scripts are 
broken in a similar way (#!/bin/sh where it should be #!/bin/bash), It 
is a different problem, but still sh incompatible.  IIRC it was hex 
expansion.  A note should be placed in the book...I'll get to it soon. 
Hopefully it'll save somebody else the problems you've had.


-- DJ Lucas

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