Internet strangeness

Andrew Benton b3nt at
Sat Nov 19 15:27:06 PST 2005

David Lyne wrote:
> However, when I take my laptop home and use the ADSL modem that we have, 
> I cannot access certain websites (i.e. firefox gives me unknown host 
> errors), but I can see others. For example, I can connect to 
>, but not
> Even more weirdness comes when I try pinging some of the servers that 
> firefox won't connect to: I can ping but not!
> Now, I think that this is an issue with the way my LFS is set up because 
> when I boot slackware on the same physical connection to the router I 
> have no problems.
> Does anyone have any ideas where the problem in my configuration could be?

What nameserver are you using? Have you installed the bind server? What do you have in /etc/resolv.conf?

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