OOo 2.0 build errors

Peter B. Steiger wyo_wl001 at
Mon Nov 28 17:05:23 PST 2005

I just discovered that all my BLFS messages from the past month have
been caught by the Evolution filters, so I apologize if anyone responded
to questions I posted earlier and I failed to reply.  But I digress...

I spent my four-day long holiday weekend attempting to build OOo 2.0rc3
from source.  I found and fixed issues that others have reported here as
well, such as the misplaced xawt library from JDK, but now I'm stuck on
an error near the end of the instsettoo_native build.  It says:
... languages en-US ... 
... analyzing files ...
ERROR: The following files could not be found: 
ERROR: File not found:
ERROR: File not found:
ERROR: File not found:
ERROR: File not found:
ERROR: File not found: xmlsec680en-US.res
... cleaning the output tree ...

Two days of searching (I hate this weird dmake!  Give me a simple gnu
make script any day, thank you very much) led me to discover that it is
deliberately not building those packages because I turned off
mozilla/firefox functionality:
Mozilla disabled -> no nss -> no libxmlsec

So apparently it's still checking for the presence of libxmlsec even
though it's not building libxmlsec due to the absence of Mozilla

I don't want interoperability with Firefox or Evolution or whatever; I
don't want clickable links; all I want is an office suite that can read
and write documents sent to me by my colleages at our Winduhs-enslaved
office.  I have looked through all the make files and I can't even find
where it's checking for those elements, so I can't tell it to skip them.
Am I going to have to build in the Mozilla extensions just to make this

Peter B. Steiger
Cheyenne, WY

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