Smaller and smaller, linux on a floppy?

Lauri Kasanen curaga at
Sun Jul 8 07:39:18 PDT 2007


No, I don't either anymore have 2.6 on a single floppy, but I did once.
I have been able to push a 2.6 kernel to 420k. It wasn't really usable, but it booted ;)
An usable one was around 700k. They both were some hundred kb's bigger, but using the latest upx with "upx --brute" they dropped to the sizes I mentioned.

Bad thing about 2.6 is that it needs a bootloader.. Taking space on that floppy. 

Floppies can be formatted to xdf, which is near the full raw capacity of the floppy (2mb).
Not all drives read those, though. Above 1.44 the most compatible one is 1.722 that tomsrtbt among others uses..

So, use upx and exlude much. Here were my two cents.


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