How to use KDM?

Andrey a_cool77 at
Thu Jul 12 22:43:18 PDT 2007

Hmm... See in share/apps/kdm/sessions same .desktop files like in GDM... May
be for KDM I can use same methods like in GDM? Just change 'Exec=start-kde'
to 'Exec=dbus-launch --exit-with-session start-kde'? Looking at hint I see
some problems... I do not know how to use sudo. And don't want read man
pages... Too lazy :(

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On 7/12/07, Andrey <a_cool77 at> wrote:
> Some time ago I try KDM. It is much nicer, but don't know, how to run 
> it and stop it from init... And of cource I should  launch local 
> dbus-session manually :(

Basically, copy init.d/gdm to init.d/kdm. Change the gdm commands to kdm
commands. Then follow this hint:

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