A few install points

David Barron dlbarron at nc.rr.com
Thu Jul 19 17:48:07 PDT 2007

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Peter B. Steiger wrote these words on 07/19/07 18:50 CST:
>> Good luck with that!  I have built everything from source including
>> OpenOffice at least once over the years, but I have never had much luck
>> with JDK so now I just take the coward's way out and install the
>> binaries.
> I just don't get it. You're not the first person to say they've had
> trouble with the JDK. Me, it builds every time without fail. I'm
> using a recently built JDK-6u2 right now without issues.
> Not to be s schmuck, but do you guys use the book's instructions to
> build the JDK? If so, what is the issue? I just don't see it
> (notwithstanding the recent discovery about friend-injection only
> available in GCC-4.1.x).
I haven't taken the plunge yet, I'm still deciding whether I want to 
take the plunge. The last time I tried, 6 months ago or something, I was 
getting compile errors that were corrected by a patch to workaround 
something in gcc. The patch wasn't the one mentioned in the book, I had 
to get help from the list.

You say you built JDK-6u2? That's not the supported version in the book. 
Did you follow the same steps or did you have your own route?

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