A few install points

David Barron dlbarron at nc.rr.com
Thu Jul 19 18:16:44 PDT 2007

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> David Barron wrote these words on 07/19/07 19:48 CST:
>> You say you built JDK-6u2? That's not the supported version in the book. 
>> Did you follow the same steps or did you have your own route?
> I just kind of wing-it and play it by ear. With the JDK, it was really
> straight-forward. I used DJ's patches he had for 6u1 and made whatever
> modifications I needed and it worked. I've been using it since, and
> have actually built quite a bit of Java-intensive stuff to test it.
> So far, so good.
> And to answer your question of "Did you follow the same steps or did
> you have your own route"?
> I usually take my own route. But then, that's what usually ends up
> in the book anyway.
Taking my own route with this build stuff hasn't turned out to well for 
me. I usually get bitten by something after working on it for a few 
hours. Maybe the reason this install went so well was that I followed 
all of the instructions step by step.

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