problem patching QT3 package

Arnie Stender astender at
Thu Jan 17 19:10:36 PST 2008

Ken Moffat wrote:
>  This came up on -book or -dev last month, I think.  The problem is
> the version of patch!  Clfs is using an alpha version, I think
> someone said the patch is in dos format, and that's the problem.
> Robert came up with a solution sometime, involving running it
> through 'tr'.  I guess that must mean hlfs is also on a newer
> version of patch.  Try the attachment (you *ought* to be suspicious,
> and visually compare it to the version you have, to make sure it is
> doing the same thing - I might have got hold of an old version, even
> though I'm not feeling malicious at the moment).
> ĸen
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hi Ken,
    I'm going to have to check my version of VIM. Usually when I edit a
DOS file with CRLF line terminators the VIM tells me that. This one
doesn't, maybe I need to do something in the rc file to turn that on. I
dumped the patch I have through od and sure enough CRLF. That is a four
letter word isn't it? :-( Thanks again. It seem you are pulling me out
of the fire quite often. Thanks a bunch. I appreciate it.


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