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DJ Lucas dj at
Fri Jan 11 11:46:46 PST 2008

Hans-Joachim Widmaier wrote:
> Hello all,
> As one of the most complex beasts in a (B)LFS installation, Openoffice
> behaves accordingly ...
Funny..I really didn't have many problems with this update.

> I've just (almost) finished a brand new installation, starting on new
> year's eve with the then-current LFS (gcc-4.2.2, glibc-2.7). While it go
> as smoothly as hoped, I reached one of the last packages,
> openoffice-2.3.1, last sunday. Happy to see that blfs-svn has the
> current version, I expected to build it on first try. Yes, I deviated a
> bit but that seemed only fair - the explanations explicitly tell to
> check configure options for others that might apply.
> I couldn't get past ./configure without copying unowinreg.dll to
> external/unowinreg (I had to do that since 2.1 or thereabouts). If it
> isn't found ./configure tries to set up a MingW cross compilation.

You cannot access the Windows registry in strait Java.  The reg lib quit
shipping in 2.0.4 so you have to build it (or you can cheat and acquire
it and drop it into external).  Is there a reason you've built the SDK?
 I'll just add '(requires MingW)' for the SDK download link so that
nobody else stumbles here.

> Then I had the jdk/uu{en,de}code problem like Nicolas Francois. Luckily,
> I found the solution on this list. It escapes me though why java finds a
> ClassFormatError if gmime's uu{en,de}code are present.

I could nip that one in the butt by putting $JDK_HOME/bin at the front
of the path.

> That solved, java crashed a little later on. Looks like my own-built
> jdk-6u3 doesn't work as expected. After switching to the binary one that
> worked also.

Any optimizations when building JDK?  If you have the console output,
that would be really helpful.  I've built JDK and OOo several times with
no issues to report.

> Now, since I have the neon library installed, I chose to configure with
> --with-system-neon. 2 hours into the compilation this gives some nice
> undefined externals, because now you need to link in ssl and crypto as
> well: sed -i "s at NEON3RDLIB=-lneon@& -lssl -lcrypto@" solenv/inc/

What version of neon?  What does the neon.pc file have for linker flags?

> Hours and a weary cpu later, openoffice was finally compiled and a quick
> test looked like it actually worked.
> Then I installed KDE (3.5.8) and tried to rebuild openoffice with
> --enable-kde. Needless to say, that didn't work. It whined about libicu
> incompatibilities (sorry, didn't look closely, I've just had enough of it).

Sorry, no time to dig into it right this's a newer version
of KDE than currently in the book, but I'd bet there is probably already
a patch floating around someplace.  Again, exact error messages would be
very helpful to the book if you still have them laying around some place.

> Of course, this is all my fault. I did not follow the book by the
> letter. But if I did, I wouldn't have to build my system by myself. I
> could install a "distro" (don't like the word) and have a byte-by-byte
> clone of a proven system. How boring. ;-)
> Hans-Joachim Widmaier

Thanks for the feedback.

-- DJ Lucas

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