problem patching QT3 package

Arnie Stender astender at
Sat Jan 19 09:46:16 PST 2008

Ken Moffat wrote:
>  This came up on -book or -dev last month, I think.  The problem is
> the version of patch!  Clfs is using an alpha version, I think
> someone said the patch is in dos format, and that's the problem.
> Robert came up with a solution sometime, involving running it
> through 'tr'.  I guess that must mean hlfs is also on a newer
> version of patch.  Try the attachment (you *ought* to be suspicious,
> and visually compare it to the version you have, to make sure it is
> doing the same thing - I might have got hold of an old version, even
> though I'm not feeling malicious at the moment).
> ĸen

Hi Ken,
    That was interesting. I finally got around to trying the LINUX patch
for QT3 you gave me. It complained that it couldn't find the file it was
supposed to patch in spite of the fact that it had just echoed it to the
screen. It asked me for the file name to patch for both files changed by
this patch. I cut and pasted the name it had just printed out as the
response and it ran without errors for both files. I don't think I ever
saw that happen before. BTW, I wen through the provided documentation
for VIM to try and find what I need to put in my .vimrc to make it show
me when it is editing a DOS format (CRLF line terminators) file and
couldn't find any specific mention of that feature in terms I
understood. Can someone here tell me what I need to do to make that
happen? There are a lot of things that choke on CRLF and I'd like to
know about it when I pull the file into VIM.  


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