Discussion: is building X.org from source now a joke?

S. Martinez at2marty at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 08:31:25 PST 2008

Jeremy Henty wrote:
> [I'm not sure if blfs-support is the best list for this - I'll happily
> take it to another list if people think it's appropriate.]
> There's a big discussion on the x.org list about the state of the Xorg
> tree.  Apparently the complete tree hasn't built in over a year.  Some
> people are arguing for merging  the drivers back into the server tree.
> One  contributor flamed  that the  whole  idea of  building Xorg  from
> source  is now  a joke.   (Others disagreed  and posted  various build
> scripts.)  Also, in an earlier discussion more than one person claimed
> that  the  7.3  release  was  inferior to  previous  7.x  releases  in
> important ways.
> So just out of interest I'm wondering what do BLFS developers think of
> the  state of  Xorg,  particularly  of building  from  source?  Is  it
> getting flaky?  Should  the Xorg devs be sorting their  act out or are
> things OK as they are?
> Regards, 
> Jeremy Henty 
First of all, let me start out by making it clear that I am not a 
developer, programmer, linux-guru, etc.  I am simply an end user.  I 
have messed around and toyed with various distros, and LFS/BLFS for 
quite some time.  I really like linux, and one of my favorite hobbies is 
learning more and more about it.

That being said, I am now "playing around" with the "development" 
version of the BLFS book.  One of the things that has me "pulling my 
hair out" is building the modular Xorg system.  I personally liked the 
idea of it being in one big package.

As far as building anything from source being "a joke", I tend to 
disagree.  My understanding is that's what the whole Open Source 
movement is all about.  Being able to have a choice and being able to 
customize software to work the way a person wants is part of what it is 
all about.  It's not necessarily the easiest way to do things, but 
sometimes it could be the best way.

My opinion about scripts for building software... that's kind of a tough 
question to answer.  In my mind, part of me says "if you're going to use 
a script, you might as well get a mainstream distro and be done with 
it".  After all, that's more-or-less what you get from distros.  Of 
course it's different if you write your own script.  On the other hand, 
I personally build several LFS systems over-and-over, and having a Live 
CD and something like ALFS makes the initial part easier.

In the end, like the saying goes, "if you want something done right, do 
it yourself".

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