xfdesktop from CBLFS

Arnie Stender astender at aagstender.org
Tue Jan 29 17:02:27 PST 2008

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> XFCE is no longer supported in BLFS (and you didn't even specify its version!). 
> There is some activity on the XFCE mailing list, but it is mostly about the 
> upcoming 4.6 release.
> As for the segfault, strace logs are always useless in this situation, please 
> provide a gdb backtrace with full debug info (i.e., compile with -g3 in CFLAGS).
> OTOH, XFCE seems to be functional on the official LFS LiveCD, even for 
> non-multilib x86-64.
Hi Alexander,
Sorry, I thought I did include the version etc. I got it out of the 
CBLFS book version 4.4.1 for the desktop. The whole XFCE installation 
seems unstable so I went to my mail server and looked for some answers 
to my post and saw your reasons for not supporting XFCE in BLFS. I did 
finally get into their web site and did look at their open tickets. I 
wasn't watching close enough to see what version they were talking about 
but there are tons of open tickets about segfaults in a lot of their 
code. I may just move on to something else until they get their ducks in 
a row. I do like it but I really can't be bothered with constant 
crashing for all kinds of reasons. I originally moved to XFCE from gnome 
because it was lighter weight. If for some reason I decide to continue 
the effort to fix this I'll post the rest of what you asked for. Thanks 
for the reply even though it's not supported.


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