xfdesktop from CBLFS

Arnie Stender astender at aagstender.org
Tue Jan 29 17:08:35 PST 2008

Simon Geard wrote:
> Just a wild guess (having never used XFCE), but do you have a D-Bus user
> session running (i.e the one running as yourself, not the system one
> started on boot)? The strace appears to be doing something involving
> D-Bus immediately before segfault occurs...
> Of course as Alexander said, a gdb stacktrace would be more useful than
> this kind of low-level reporting...
> Simon.
Hi Simon,
    As I just wrote to Alexander I may just drop trying to fix XFCE but 
I got the system up again and checked for dbus. The same dbus lines are 
in this system as I get on my OpenSuSE system. The strace said it was 
trying to connect to a socket with dbus in the name in /tmp. Although I 
have the processes I don't have any sockets in /tmp. Does dbus normally 
start up sockets? Where else may they be? Any other ideas?


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