User notes on xchat

Lars Bamberger maillist at
Sun Nov 8 13:33:05 PST 2009


Some notes on xchat that might be helpful ...

I just tried to compile
- xchat-2.8.4 with xc284-scrollbmkdir.diff patch (as per current BLFS),
- xchat-2.8.6 without any patches and
- xchat-2.8.6 with xc286-smallfixes.diff patch.

Compilation stopped with an error which I _think_ is related to the
newest gtk+ (xtext.h:273: error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or
'__attribute__' before 'gtk_xtext_get_type')

I didn't look into it any further, as the latest svn version (Revision
1382) compiles and runs OK.


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