krendoshazin at krendoshazin at
Sat Nov 14 12:06:53 PST 2009

TheOldFellow wrote:
> There doesn't seem to be any hint of anything about how to set up a
> Bluetooth system with LFS, either in the BLFS book or Hints.  Does
> anyone have any experience they can share?

It's been a long time since I messed around with Bluetooth, but I've had
it working previously and I was able to transfer files to my phone. If I get
around to setting it up again I'll see if I can write something more
permanent. My solution was purely command line based though, anyone
with experience of it in the GUI realm would have to expand upon it. It's
a shame that I can't remember what I actually did; all I can do right now
is to point you in the direction of Bluez.

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