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Sun Nov 15 06:43:55 PST 2009

TheOldFellow <theoldfellow at> wrote:

> There doesn't seem to be any hint of anything about how to set up a
> Bluetooth system with LFS, either in the BLFS book or Hints.  Does
> anyone have any experience they can share?

Like the previous respondent, my only experience was a couple of years
ago, and only with file-transfers to and from a mobile-phone - but
Bluetooth is so much wider a topic than that (such as input-devices,
for example), so any additions to the book or hints would almost
certainly be fairly narrow-focused.

I've been meaning to have another play with it for a while now,
specifically accessing a mobile-phone's file-system through 'bluez',
'fuse' and 'obexfs' (my current phone doesn't support USB), so i may be
able to report my experiences once i've done that...

...But for other use-cases, i doubt i could be much help. :( 

Were you looking at a particular scenario, or was it more of a general
overview you had in mind?


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