Richard Melville richard.melville69 at
Mon Nov 16 02:21:49 PST 2009

> Indeed the Cellphone scenario is what comes immediately to mind.  As
> usual these things are done by a combination of several parts, and
> although each bit might be documented, putting together a working
> solution is, as usual, not.
> The proximate cause of my interest is a new cellphone with an MP3
> player and camera but no USB connection.  I need to ship mp3s to the
> phone and jpg's out of it.
> R.
> I'm not going to be of much more help than the others, I'm afraid.  I too
got bluetooth working nicely, but I'm away from home and can't look at my
BLFS box.  I remember that it took me a while to set up, but with enough
googling you will get there.  I was able to transfer music and photos to and
from the phone, and to scan for, and find, devices.   I use openbox and I
was able to make a link to the desktop so that I could enable and disable
bluetooth from there.

If I can get the information before you find it yourself I'll post it here.

Hope that's of some help.

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