help needed: sawfish-1.3; BLFS-Version svn-20091115

William Immendorf will.immendorf at
Wed Nov 18 13:04:52 PST 2009

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 8:58 PM, Stephan Jansen <sjansen69 at> wrote:
> Thanks for help
Glad to service you with your every need.
> I tried to install the latest versions of libffi, librep, rep-gtk and
> sawfish in that order as you told me. No problem during "configure" but
> "make"  ended up with following last lines:
>   [...]
>   o am.po
<snip rest of o commands>
> I don't really know what is designated by e.g., but it seems to
> me there are some locale definitions missing. Please correct me if I'm
> at fault (I'm learning).
> If it is so is there a chance to avoid these problem?
> Anyway, I tried to do "make install" with outcome:
>   make: *** [install] Error 1
> Now I've tried to compile with additional options "--with-audiofile
> --without-nls" and it works - I think mainly the latter which enables
> the translations (./configure --help).
> I don't know if this makes really sense maybe there will be a way to
> configure only with installt locales. I think I have to find out. If
> someone is able to give me a hint - it will be welcome, but by then:
> Thank you for help
The 'o' commands seem like a upstream bug. I'll report it.

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