No sound after upgrade

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Sat Nov 21 15:20:59 PST 2009

cliffhanger at wrote:
> Hi
> I probably asked for this, but I went ahead anyway and the outcome
> has been ok apart from this sound problem.
> I upgraded the kernel headers(to 2.6.18) on an old 6.1 system,
> installed glibc 2.3.6(was 2.3.4), upgraded gcc and binutils and ran
> all the lfs tests.   Also upgraded to kernel 2.6.29(drivers needed) -
> everything was fine.   I was able to run wireless and other newbies,
> but I've no sound.   Straight away I upgraded to the latest alsa
> software as in blfs, but no luck.

Upgrading glibc at all, let alone two revisions, is a very dangerous 
thing to do.  I can update almost anything else, but I don't even try to 
update glibc in place.  When I do that, I start from the beginning and 
rebuild everything.

I think you were lucky to get wireless to run.

About the only thing I can recommend is that you rebuild LFS from the 

   -- Bruce

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