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Mon Nov 23 16:27:42 PST 2009

2009/11/22 Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop73 at>:
> 2009/11/22  <krendoshazin at>:

>> I've just compiled Gnash and everything it depends upon and I'm using it
>> happily in Firefox. Most videos on Youtube render for me, but like yourself
>> I just get a black window on certain ones; checking the properties on
>> these videos leads me to believe that this problem is specifically with SWF
>> 10 videos, or more specifically with AVM2. I had to explicitly enable AVM2
>> in Gnash with --enable-avm2 but this hasn't solved the problem, but
>> hopefully they might have it ready in early 2010. For now I don't think
>> there is a lot we can do about it.
>> --
>  Many thanks for that - I'll have to look at avm2.
 OK, I had another look at the gnash list archives.  Looks as if
this came up earlier -


add the flashblock extension (this means you have to start
each flash video, which is probably a good thing if you
frequent sites like /. that can hve flash in their adverts and
you compile at hte same time!

then add greasemonkey (I'd had misgivings about doing
this in the past, but it seems low risk provided you check
the scripts you add for it

and finally get the script from

 Tested on both x86 (LFS-6.4-ish) and x86_64
(pure64, mostly clfs from September).

[changing the subject here...]
 One problem out of the way, now I just have to
make sense of my attempt to build parts of
gnome-2.28 and I'll be good to resume building.

 FWIW, I tried a minimal gnome, based on what I'd
been using for 2.26.  GConf2 needs hal, or something
else I'd rather not have, so I stuck with 2.26 for that.
Everything built, but yelp/help in applications was
generally b0rken.  For me, the idea was to use
webkit in epiphany, so that I don't have to rebuild that
every time I rebuild gecko.  Works, but can't reliably
save passwords (a known problem).  Yelp-webkit has
now been merged upstream (available from debian),
but that didn't work either.  And to cap it all, I still
needed nss/nspr for something (totem, I think), so
doing without xulrunner didn't work.  Maybe I'll just
go back to plain 2.26 for now, I can't say that I saw
any other "must have" features in gnome 2.28.

 Perhaps, by the time gnome-2.30 comes out,
I'll be reconciled to hal and ready to try pulse
audio, but for now I'd rather have something
straightforward and simple that just works.

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