youtube with gnash / and thoughts on gnme-2.28

krendoshazin at krendoshazin at
Tue Nov 24 06:38:04 PST 2009

Ken Moffat wrote:
>  OK, I had another look at the gnash list archives.  Looks as if
> this came up earlier -
> .
> Summary:
> add the flashblock extension (this means you have to start
> each flash video, which is probably a good thing if you
> frequent sites like /. that can hve flash in their adverts and
> you compile at hte same time!
> then add greasemonkey (I'd had misgivings about doing
> this in the past, but it seems low risk provided you check
> the scripts you add for it
> and finally get the script from

I've tested this and it works, although I've modified the script to use
SWF 9 rather than SWF 8 as I've had absolutely no problems with it.
If you want to do the same just save the script, then replace the
SWF with Once you've
done that just open it with Firefox and Greasemonkey will detect that
it's a script and bring up the dialog.

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