LFS is at 6.5 BLFS is at 6.3 Why?

rhubarbpie at poetworld.net rhubarbpie at poetworld.net
Tue Nov 24 08:32:20 PST 2009

> There is a note on the BLFS that says in one or two months a new BLFS
> will be released. There is no date as to when that was put there or a
> target date for release. What is the target date for that one or two
> months?

I understand why the version BLFS is often behind LFS.  However, I do 
think the "one or two months" BLFS statement should be changed as it 
hurts credibility.  IF there is a date, list it and meet that date.

I don't want to come across as casting stones as I admire the BLFS 
project and realize it's volunteer and difficult.  I'm simply saying 
volunteer and difficult shouldn't exclude accurate information.  The 
current release statement is analogous to saying "nuclear fusion is ten 
years away."  That claim resets every ten years, as does the BLFS claim 
every month.

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