Gnome misbehavior

Alonso Graterol alonso.graterol at
Fri Nov 27 03:20:59 PST 2009

> > And the only xdg subdirectory I can find is /etc/xdg.
> > Best regards,
> > Alonso
> I presume then that you did not follow the BLFS book precisely as you
> don't have a /etc/gnome/<version>/xdg directory?
> Can you tell me if you have autostart/gnome-settings-daemon.desktop
> under the xdg directory.
> My guess at this stage would be that your gnome-settings-daemon is not
> starting up.
> Wayne.


I certainly am not following BLFS book, I am using CBLFS book.
I want to correct a previous statement, there is a /etc/gnome/xdg
directory which contains gnome-settings-daemon.desktop among other
In /etc/xdg there are two files, one installed by polkit and another
one I can't remember. I am not at my computer now.
Since using Gnome (2.26) I install it in /opt/gnome being it a symlink
to /opt/gnome-2.xx.
Thanks for your support,


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