Unknown storage size of cr, gnome-keyring-0.8 to 6.3 blfs

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop73 at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 28 14:43:19 PST 2009

2009/11/28 LinuxPuertoMontt <afiebig at linuxpuertomontt.cl>:
> hello friends, i'm alfredo and i'm new in the mailing list. I'm working on a
> blf system, i had a little problem with the packages, but that was solved,
> anyway it is imposible to me to build gnome-keyring-0.8.

> gnome-keyring-daemon-io.c: En la función read_unic_socket_credetials:
> gnome-keyring-daemon-io.c:184: error: no se conoce el tamaño de
> almacenamiento de cr
> make[2]: *** [gnome-keyringdaemon-io.o] Error 1

 I was going to complain about the untranslated error, and
point you at translate.google.com, but I now see you have
translated it in the title.

I happen to have that old tarball hanging around, and line 184 is
struct ucred cr;
so you don't have the definition for a "struct ucred",

This is weird, because on linux it should be found in socket.h.
The code is included if SO_PEERCRED is defined, which it
should be (asm/socket.h).

Have you somehow trashed the file
/usr/include/linux/socket.h ?

I'll note that while I don't think that I should tell you to
use the development book (because at the moment I
can't see why your problem is happening), the versions
in the stable book are often *very* old and many might
be buggy.

After tragedy, and farce, "OMG poneys!"

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