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Richard Melville richard.melville69 at
Thu Oct 1 02:30:21 PDT 2009

Cliff McDiarmid said:-
> When upgrading a version of LFS 6.0 with a much newer kernel(
> order to get a new wireless driver I'm getting a kernel panic and stop.
>  Would there be a problem with upgrading an LFS with glibc-2.3.4 and older
> packages, to a newer kernel.  I ask this because I have a much newer version
> of LFS and this particular kernel runs without problems.
> As I'm not at home at present, and don't have access to the LFS box or my
notes, I'm afraid that the following is only general guidance.

I installed many new packages on an LFS-6.1.1 (with errata) about a year
ago.  This, I believe, has glibc-2.3.4.  I also installed kernel 2.6.29
earlier this year (I think).  When I do an upgrade I always make a copy of
the OS before I start, and more copies as I upgrade, or add, new packages.

Anyway, to follow on from what Ken said, the udev upgrade went smoothly with
the latest version current at that time.  Also, it appeared to run OK with
kernel 2.6.29 (although I seem to remember an AES encryption fail warning on
boot).  I did, however, spend hours on the kernel configuration running
through the config file afresh from start to finish, but I really think that
this is worth doing.  Also, I always compile everything into the kernel
rather than load modules.

Sorry if this isn't much help but I'm just trying to offer some
encouragement as my heavily upgraded and expanded LFS-6.1.1 was a success
and was running very smoothly the last time I booted it.  So you should be

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