Kernel panic when upgrading older LFS

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Thu Oct 1 13:47:45 PDT 2009

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Thanks for a good answer Ken and thanks to Richard for your advice.   I was a little lean on my original question.  Here's a bit more meat.

>    In theory, gcc-3.4.1 should be good enough because
> it meets the minimum requiremets in
> Documentation/Changes, but on the other hand all
> sorts of changes can break things and not get noticed
> because nobody tested that particular version of gcc.

I'm running 3.4.6, should be fine?

>   The 2.6.27 series ('stable') is supposed to be fine, but
> is rather old - current is  I don't know
> when the driver you want was committed to the stable
> tree, but sometimes the back-porting goes wrong, and
> a newer release might fix it.  As always, newer kernels
> should have more fixes for known problems.

At present I'm running the kernel and have tried three or four kernels since the driver appeared(2.6.27)

>   Failing that, review your config.  In fact, you should
> probably do that anyway, there are some things in
> recent kernels that most people will turn on because
> their systems are recent enough, and it's possible you
> acquired one of those settings.  If in doubt, read the help

This is good advice and as Richard said I should really work through a config from scratch, i did review it for half hour or more and couldn't see any problems.

>   Upgrading udev on a version of LFS before LFS-6.2
> may be painful, as in "you keep both pieces".  It might
> work, or it might not.  It's also possible that your version
> of udev is not a problem, but there are no guarantees

I seem to have upgraded already, don't remember it, I am running 056.

> So, do you have any idea where
> it dies ?  Sometimes you can see messages, particularly
> if (like mine) it doesn't mount the rootfs

EIP: [<c04aef2a>] -- mutex_lock_slowpath +0*5a is what I'm getting before - Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init ...‎

Anyway I'm off the try a later kernel and work through the config file - many thanks


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