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Sat Oct 3 03:09:25 PDT 2009

Claus Regelmann said:-

> I recently finished installing LFS 6.5 on my old Laptop (IBM-T21).
> I added SYSFSUTILS-2.1.0 and PCMCIAUTILS-0.15, put the TR card in,
> called pcmcia-socket-startup, found the tr0 interface, configured
> tr0, and tried to ping another machine in my network.
> -- no response --
> I continued inverstigating the situation with wireshark, and found
> that my T21 sends ARP requests and responces with an unknown HW type
> of 0x320.The correct HW type should be 0x06.
> Where does the wrong HW type come from??
> 'cat /sys/bus/pcmcia/devices/0.0/net/tr0/type' displays 800, which
> is equal to 0x320
> Do you have all the correct drivers configured in the kernel?

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