Upgrading udev

Richard Melville richard.melville69 at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 20 03:10:16 PDT 2009

> I need to upgrade udev-056 to a more recent version, say 122, on a older
> LFS.  This, I understand, can be tricky.  I figured if I chrooted into the
> system from elsewhere, deleted the existing version and reinstalled it would
> work.  What do you think, any advice on this matter appreciated?
> Hi Cliff

I've been working away from home for some months so I don't have access to
my LFS/BLFS boxes.

As I mentioned before, I upgraded LFS 6.11 from what was an early version of
udev (which needed hotplug) to a relatively recent version.  I had no
problems that I can remember; i think that I just overwrote the old version
and removed hotplug, although maybe I removed both first -- not sure.
My advice though is to work on a copy of the OS -- that way if something
does go wrong then you have other copies to fall back on.  It also means
that you don't have to work on a live version.  i usually have different
copies that I can boot into from grub.  i can run from the master and mount
other copies (directories or files) on a temporary mount point; trying
different upgrades on each.  If  it doesn't work out (if you can't boot into
that copy) then you can delete that copy and you still have the master.

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