Upgrading udev

Cliff McDiarmid cliffhanger at gardener.com
Tue Oct 20 14:48:04 PDT 2009

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  Hi Cliff

  I've been working away from home for some months so I don't have
  access to my LFS/BLFS boxes.

  As I mentioned before, I upgraded LFS 6.11 from what was an early
  version of udev (which needed hotplug) to a relatively recent
  version.  I had no problems that I can remember; i think that I just
  overwrote the old version and removed hotplug, although maybe I
  removed both first -- not sure.
  My advice though is to work on a copy of the OS -- that way if
  something does go wrong then you have other copies to fall back on. 
  It also means that you don't have to work on a live version.  i
  usually have different copies that I can boot into from grub.  i can
  run from the master and mount other copies (directories or files) on
  a temporary mount point; trying different upgrades on each.  If  it
  doesn't work out (if you can't boot into that copy) then you can
  delete that copy and you still have the master.


  Good idea, better than just a back up.   Will try out



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