the commands "pathappend, pathremove, pathprepend, ls, cat" aren't found after creating the file /etc/profile [developed BLFS-6.4-book / Ch. 3]

Marco Kluth mkluth at
Thu Oct 22 11:50:16 PDT 2009

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I'm trying to install the BLFS-6.4-book (under development) on my fresh installed LFS-6.5-computer hardly. Just to mention it in front: I didn't recognized any big problems while the LFS-6.5-installation! But after typing the section "The Bash Shell Startup Files" in Ch. 3 - "After LFS Configuration Issues" appears a little problem. Now if I'm logging in at the console as user root, the following message is shown on the screen:

"-bash: pathappend: command not found"

Also the commands "ls" + "cat" are not found, although the equivalent binaries are consisting within the directory /bin. I don't know, where the pathappend-, pathremove- and pathprepend-binaries should be saved correctly.

Sadly I didn't found fitting help within the FAQ and/or the mailing lists archive, nor at the IRC-chatroom #lfs-support. The internet search engine/machine GoogleT doesn't offering no helpful hints, too.

Maybe another member (m/f) of the BLFS-mailing list has a good comment to my problem. Any hints are very welcomed at least!

Best regards
Marco "Niggard" Kluth
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