my problem is solved (Re: blfs-support Digest, Vol 1867, Issue 1)

Marco Kluth mkluth at
Fri Oct 23 00:31:27 PDT 2009

Hello folks at the BLFS-support, hello Guy Dalziel,

I'm very thankful for your fast and great answer. My mentioned problem is 
solved now. Sadly I did a lot of typing errors (colloquial: "typos") in the 
file /etc/profile while section "The Bash Shell Startup Files" in Ch. 3 - 
"After LFS Configuration Issues". There were existing typos within the 
pathprepend-passage and the whole pathappend-passage was missed. Shame on my 
person! So, you could sign this problem as "solved" on (y)our list.

Best regards
Marco "Niggard" Kluth
OpenPGP-Key-ID: 25236604 (published at

P.S.: Thanks a lot for your hint about the current development version of 
the BLFS-book in SVN. 

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