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Fri Oct 30 12:35:39 PDT 2009

Hi Ken,

Since I am sailing the same kind of boat built from scratch. Here is a
pointer someone gave me:

I have'nt tried it yet due to lack of time, it is still pending on my todo
list. Feel free as in beer to try it and give us back some updated infos.


On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 11:42 AM, Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop73 at>wrote:

> Back in the summer, I had youtube working on almost everything I wanted to
> watch, via the gnash plugin for firefox, and posted that:
> (whoops! accidentally sent that to -dev instead of -support: bad Ken!)
> Over the next weeks I played about with every from-source
> codec/audiolibrary
> I could find, and also got my amp working again (a kernel issue!).  There
> were
> still a few videos that didn't render, but I got sound (needed faad2
> for the silent
> films with dubbed-on projection noise) and things were good.
> By the time I started to build my next system, gnome-2.28 was out (I'll
> offer
> my experiences on that later) and various other upgrades, including a newer
> version of gnash.  Gnash is now the last thing I build, and it took a very
> long
> tiem before I got there.  Tried it, just a black box where the video should
> be.
> Went back to tjhe old system to watch a video there - same result.
>  Something
> at youtube has changed (again).  Found a note that a method of downloading
> the videos (instead of just watching them) had broken in August, and
> another
> contemporary note that a package in ubuntu needed to be updated to work
> with changes at youtube.  But that's all I've found.
> I'm now at the stage where a very few videos will render (found 4 so far),
> and even some which were working for me in the early days (when less
> than half worked) no longer play.
> Noticed that fedora is using a gnash snapshot - found a slightly newer one
> but the results were identical.
> So, I'm open to suggestions (except those that begin "download from
> adobe" - I want libre, not binary downloads).
> Anybody else seeing this ?  Anybody using gnash and NOT seeing this
> problem ?
> ĸen
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