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Simon Geard delgarde at ihug.co.nz
Thu Sep 16 03:13:02 PDT 2010

On Wed, 2010-09-15 at 13:48 -0400, linux fan wrote:
> >> On Sunday 12 September 2010 05:02:12 Simon Geard wrote:
> >> > There's also a 4th category, incidentally, which is where the distros
> >> > are moving to, and which I use on my machine. That is, ConsoleKit and
> >> > udev without HAL - using ACLs to grant and revoke permissions over the
> >> > lifetime of a user session. It's probably equivalent to category 2 or 3,
> While using the 4th category (ConsoleKit + udev + ACLS), would polkit
> be considered theoretically deprecated?

No, that's still there, but I don't think it has any relevance to audio
permissions - the policy files I see on my system have to do with stuff
like mounting or partitioning disks, or shutting down or hibernating the
system. No reason why PK couldn't be used to grant remote users access
to the audio devices, but I don't think anyone has coded such a thing

I'm not an expert in this stuff, by the way - what I say is mostly
things I've picked up while trying to make it work for me. And
thankfully, things *do* work pretty well now - the components that
replaced HAL seem a lot more reliable...

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