Icedtea6 results

John Burrell john_burrell at
Sun Jan 2 20:35:47 PST 2011

Compiling Icedtea6 from source assumes /usr/bin/find, /usr/bin/head and /bin/touch.
With standard lfs system, need symlinks to /bin/find, /bin/head and /usr/bin/touch
for it to work.

Also need a symlink pointing /usr/include/xulrunner- to
/usr/include/xulrunner- in order to find npapi.h

Running the tests gave me the following results - 

Test results: passed: 3,113; failed: 188; error: 2

Nearly all java/awt tests failed, some java/beans tests and most javax/swing tests.
Also, most sun/java2d tests failed.

Don't know if this is a major issue but thought I should report it as the book says all tests
should pass. So must assume that the compiled version is not reliable and so will use the
binary version.

Can supply you the test directory or the logs if requested.

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