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Sun Oct 16 11:15:33 PDT 2011

On Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 10:37:53PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Qrux wrote:
> > Is there a "snapshot" of BLFS (or tag/branch) in SVN (or whatever SCM
> > BLFS uses) that's "guaranteed" to work with LFS 6.8 (let alone 7.0)?
> We use subversion.
> No, we don't have enough contributors for that.  What's there probably 
> works OK for most packages, but they generally are not the latest.
 The xorg packages are resonably current. There was a release of
xcb-util-0.3.8 which you would expect to just drop-in for 0.3.6, but
it appears that it has been split into multiple packages, so for the
moment I'm avoiding it.  If you are using newer versions, probably
best to make sure they are targetted at the correct version of hte
xorg server (1.9 or 1.10).  Also, note that the keyboard and mouse
packages are intended for non-linux systems, we should be using
evdev.  Consult the xorg-announce archives for more details:

 I have no comment on the old fonts - I assume they still build, but
my desktop is all ttf.

 Gnome2 is now getting old, but what is there should still work
(but, see webkit below).

 The version of firefox in the book (and probably the versions of
other mozilla packages) are old and vulnerable.  3.6.latest probably
drops in with sqlite-autoconf-3070500 (i.e. 3.7.5), nss-3.12.11 (I
used 3.12.11.with.ckbi.1.87 which seems to be newer than virgin
3.12.11, presumably after the certificate issues), nspr-4.8.9 : both
these latter two with DJ's patches.

 Myself, I'm using firefox-7.0.1.  This renders html5 using libvpx.
I use my system libvpx - that meant a *severe and major*
reorganisation of my buildscripts.  If you are content to use the
libvpx shipped in fedora, you will need yasm.  Similarly, recent
versions of libvpx tend not to build with nasm and note that yasm is

 Building on linux-3+ I hit problems with two packages that test
the running kernel version:

 postfix - being cowardly, I've stuck with the 2.5 series.  2.5.15
works fine on my desktop.

 dhclient - I've had to move to dhcp-4.2.2 to get a version that
will build on linux-3.  I use a couple of patches, one to ensure
that missing ipv6 support is not fatal (found at fedora, applied by
hand, builds but not tested because my kernel supports ipv6), and
another to support iproute - this gave me an error on the system
console when first used, but worked ok, and no subsequent problems.

 If there is any interest, I guess I can put these two patches into

 I noted that babl and gegl are now at  Babl-0.1.4
needed a patch for introspection, duno where this came from but it
looks as if it is from upstream (it's clearly from git).

 I'm using cups-1.5 and ghostscript-9.04, but as usual building
new releases was not pretty - my printer (in gutenprint) works, but
for text I have to pretend it's an epson R260 (actually R360 but
that doesn't appear in the list although I can see it in the xml
source).  I've had that in the past too.  I ended up rebuilding the
print stack several times before accepting that I could apparently
use the R260 driver for text.  From the gimp, "print with
gutenprint" has no problems seeing the R360, but the queue name got
changed to a more descriptive EPSON_Stylus_Photo_R360 when I
installed it, which caused a little fun (gutenprint was looking for
the old queue name).

 For ffmpeg (I'm making a lot more use of this now!), the 0.8 series
(specifically 0.8.4) is better : tools/qt-faststart builds without
problems (for those who need it), but it uses a newer libx264 (I
looked at gentoo, who use 20110426 : works for me) and can dispense
with libfaac since it has its own built in alternative that works
well enough.  I also pass --enable-version3 after --enable-gpl, to
get whatever is licensed under GPLv3.

 For xine-lib I had to add the patch to pull in XvMClib.h, which is
no longer pulled in by one of the xorg protocol headers, and another
patch (found at gentoo) to build agaisnt ffmpeg-0.8.4.  Again, I can
upload these if people wish.

 For xine-ui-0.99.5 I had sed out the unnecessary include of
curl/types.h since that file doesn't exist in current curl -
 sed -i '/#include <curl\/types.h>/d' src/xitk/download.c : I
suspect this will also be needed in 0.99.6 (I don't build that
because of its extra dependency which has no benefit to me).

 webkit: for 1.2.7 I'm using a bunch of patches from ubuntu - one to
spoof the user agent to google, seven to fix vulnerabilities.  I
guess that my next desktop revision will include gtk3, and therefore
current webkit.

 Inevitably, I ignore many things that are in BLFS, and use several
things that aren't, so there might be other packages that need
fixing.  I'm intending to post my buildscripts when I've got my new
server build installed, but as usual they are only a build order and
versions, that work for me, and I still find that my install logs
sometimes pick up files from the *previous* package (using find
-newer and a file that I touch at the start of the package) - I
suspect a problem in either findutils or coreutils, but it isn't a


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