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Wed Oct 26 03:00:50 PDT 2011

> xinetd 2.3.14 fails with current lfs-dev.
> reconfig.c and service.c fail with undefined reference to pmap_{set,unset}.
> libtirpc-0.2.2 is installed as recommended due to removing the rpc stuff
> from glibc.
> i tried to apply all patches from debian, same with libtirpc
> i guess i'll find other packages not building with the new glibc/tirpc
> combination. maybe i'll have to wait until some distro will have a patch
> for those packages and stick with the last glibc including rpc.
> has anybody a solution to build xinetd and possibly some other packages
> which still require the glibc/rpc with no tirpc support?

are you sure that xinetd is picking libtirpc up?

pmap_{set,unset} are in libtirpc and in order to force the xinetd build
process to link in libtirpc I had to:

     export LDFLAGS="-ltirpc"

(or export LDFLAGS="-L/unusual/path -ltirpc", if your libtirpc is not in
a standard path)


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