Tobias Gasser lfs at
Wed Oct 26 17:03:39 PDT 2011

Andrew Benton schrieb:

> I've never used xinetd but lsof installs fine for me without libtirps
> installed:
>   yes n | ./Configure linux
>   make

i used
yes "" | ./Configure linux
(to get the defaults)

wether i use '""' or 'n', i still have the same result!

meanwhile i've sucessfully built the Xorg basics. the first part was
build using kernel 3.0.3, but with the 3.0.7 header files. after lfs i
rebooted the new system with 3.0.7 to start building xorg. i just
started the first x-session.

now i start the xfce stuff, then get some sleep (it's 2:00 here in
switzerland) and hope to have xfce up tomorrow morning...

if i can't get xinet and lsof - well, i can live without.

thanks for your help

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