[blfs-support] Booting a BLFS system with Syslinux

Richard Melville richard.melville69 at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 3 03:16:13 PST 2013

> Richard Melville wrote:
> > I'm attempting to boot with syslinux from a USB flash drive with GPT and
> > ext2.  I'm able to boot OK but I'm seeing some weird behaviour.  If I
> use a
> > UUID instead of /dev/sdb2 I get a kernel panic and it doesn't seem to
> like
> > either menu.c32 or vesamenu.c32; the boot cycle goes round in circles.
> >
> > Any help much appreciated, otherwise I'll stick while I'm ahead, although
> > I'd rather be using a UUID.
> See
> http://www.linux-archive.org/gentoo-user/481167-mounting-root-partition-uuid-no-initrd-needed.html
>    -- Bruce
> Bruce, thanks for the reply but I don't think that will work for me.  I
probably wasn't clear about my setup (although I am about to change it).

I have syslinux on a GPT USB flash drive (currently /dev/sdc1) together
with the kernel image.  The root file system is on an mSATA SSD (currently
/dev/sdb2) which is traditionally partitioned. If I use "root=/dev/sdb2
plus kernel parameters" on the syslinux flash drive than the system boots
just fine.  If I substitute /dev/sdb2 with
"root=UUID=whatever_blkid_of_/dev/sdb2_is plus kernel parameters" then it
doesn't boot and I get a kernel panic.  There's also another SSD installed
but not currently used.

As I say, I'm going to change the setup by partitioning another mSATA
device but *with* a GPT; moving the OS across to it, and then installing it
in a different case with just the USB boot flash drive.  What I'm trying to
achieve is to completely remove the boot environment from the root file
system.  I think it simplifies things. It boots OK at present but with the
issues that I listed.  Maybe these will be resolved over the next few days
when I rebuild the system.

Any comments much appreciated.

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