[blfs-support] Trouble with OpenJDK- Installation

Alan Feuerbacher alanf00 at comcast.net
Tue Dec 3 05:01:24 PST 2013

In installing OpenJDK- I've got to the BLFS book's 
section "Configuring OpenJDK". I'm confused by the instructions.

The 1st instruction says:

There are now two OpenJDK SDKs installed in /opt. You should decide on 
which one you would like to use as the default. For example if you 
decide to use the precompiled OpenJDK, do the following as the root user:

ln -v -nsf OpenJDK- /opt/jdk

The 2nd instruction contains the line "JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk".

The 3rd instruction has several references to "opt/jdk".

The 4th instruction has the line "cd /opt/jdk".

So these instructions assume that somewhere in the instructions above, 
the directory "/opt/jdk" has been created. But nowhere above do I see 
that directory being created.

The 1st instruction has you create a link that I don't understand. Since 
I want to use the COMPILED OpenJDK, I did not execute the "ln" command. 
After things did not work, I experimented and did this:

mkdir /opt/jdk
ln -v -nsf OpenJDK- /opt/jdk

This created a link in /opt/jdk: "OpenJDK- -> OpenJDK-" 
which I don't understand.

What's going wrong?


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