[blfs-support] Lots of problems with Firefox

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Tue Dec 3 17:17:22 PST 2013

Em 03-12-2013 21:50, Richard escreveu:

> in my LFS 7.4 system. But I noticed that the older Flash
> plugin complained that it could not open the cURL library.
> I had installed cURL in my LFS 7.2 build (I can't remember
> now why), but I hadn't yet installed it in LFS 7.4,
> since I don't think I saw it mentioned as a required or
> recommended dependency for any of the packages that I
> installed (but it is listed as an optional dependency for
> Firefox).

Thanks for this update to your problem.

Now that you mention, ISTR having had this problem once, or read about
it, and yours is a good solution. The dependency of flash-plugin is
mentioned in distributions that support it, just searched for <<curl
fedora "flash plugin">>, and obtained, e.g., for Fedora, CentOS, et al:


> By the way, is there a way to disable Java script in
> Firefox 23.0.1? It used to be a selection in edit ->
> preferences but I can't find it in this version of
> Firefox.

Mine is in pt_BR, so, I am translating. Controls for each plugin,
including flash:

Addons -> Plugins, then you have the plugins, and for most, three
choices: always activate, never activate, ask to activate.

But I use OpenJDK, choose 'always activate", and control with noscript

BTW, in thunderbird, I prefer to choose "never activate for all of them,
sometimes had to reconfigure, after a plugin was updated.


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