[blfs-support] Suggestions on Desktop Environment

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Tue Dec 3 17:58:40 PST 2013

Em 03-12-2013 22:22, Alan Feuerbacher escreveu:
> I'm not far from choosing a Desktop Environment, which BLFS gives you 
> choices of KDE, XFCE, LXDE to install.
> I use Gnome at work, an old version that comes with Redhat 5, and I 
> understand that new versions get mixed reviews in online forums. I have 
> no opinion, having no experience except with what comes with my Fedora 
> 19 host system.
> Why does BLFS not do Gnome? I see that Gnome depends on systemd which 
> BLFS does not support. Can anyone give me a few clues about the issues?
> I've used KDE before, where I used to work, and I was quite happy with it.
> Any comments on the relative merits of the three that BLFS recommends? 
> Beyond the brief introductions in the BLFS book?
> Alan

It is a matter of taste and difficulty to build. So, you probably will
have many different opinions.

Many people here, including editors and ex-editors are minimalist, so
they do not use any of the three you mentioned.

First time I played with BLFS, I did not feel confidence to get Gnome
working (it was supported in BLFS, then), so, I did some searches and
decided for fluxbox, which is very good, and easy to install.

After the fear was gone, I got Gnome working (was Gnome 2), but did not
use it. Tried, after that, enlightenment (not in the book), very good,
very nice, too many options to configure. Then tried qpdf, liked very
much, but had a problem that I never remember anymore. In between, LXDE,
Openbox, now, I am back to LXDE.

I will list what I think people use here.

Ken is a minimalist, uses Icewm. Bruce used KDE, wanted to go for LXDE
(years before it was in the book), now uses XFCE. Igor uses one of "26.
Window Managers", cannot remember which. Ragnar uses KDE. Armin used
Gnome, then switched to KDE, cannot tell what he is using now. Wayne
uses Gnome. The late Andy Benton used Openbox with probably lxpanel (he
wrote once he liked it).

I could go with any WM, without a DE, but dislike having to manually
edit the menus. Openbox is very good, with lxpanel, no need to edit
menus. unfortunately, the developers of LXDE have conceived lxpanel so
that it needs to be reloaded after some applications do some operations
and closes, so lxpanel unloads in Openbox, I created an entry in OB to
reload it, got tired, and this made me to switch back to LXDE, because
the applications in autostart that are preceeded by a "@" reloads if
closed by any motive, so we have as default @lxpanel in autostart.


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