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> Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2013 22:58:40 -0300
> From: Fernando de Oliveira <famobr at yahoo.com.br>
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> Subject: Re: [blfs-support] Suggestions on Desktop Environment
> I could go with any WM, without a DE, but dislike having to manually
> edit the menus. Openbox is very good, with lxpanel, no need to edit
> menus. unfortunately, the developers of LXDE have conceived lxpanel so

Surely you'd script/program that; parse a simple spec of what you want on the 
menus, and auto-gen/install the required-format menu(s); the lighter the WM, 
often the simpler the structure required. I agree, I'd _reaLLY* dislike 
'having' to edit menus manually.

> that it needs to be reloaded after some applications do some operations
> and closes, so lxpanel unloads in Openbox, I created an entry in OB to
> reload it, got tired, and this made me to switch back to LXDE, because
> the applications in autostart that are preceeded by a "@" reloads if
> closed by any motive, so we have as default @lxpanel in autostart.

That's also quite easy to implem in a generic fashion: essentially see if pid 
is active, if yes then raise/lower/iconify/un-iconify, else start instance of 
prog and store pid. Use essentially, broadly, that under twm. The 'most 
difficult' part in many WM/DE would be to reverse-engineer them to see how 
to hook it in yrself.


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