[blfs-support] Suggestions on Desktop Environment

LM lmemsm at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 04:30:19 PST 2013

Alan Feuerbacher wrote:
> I'm not far from choosing a Desktop Environment, which BLFS gives you
> choices of KDE, XFCE, LXDE to install.

I personally prefer to put my own desktop environment together using a
window manager and my favorite tools and utilities.  It's much more
flexible and customized that way.  If I were to pick one of the three
mentioned I'd go with LXDE because it's the most lightweight of the
options.  LXDE is set up so that you can use all of it or just the
bits and pieces you like such as lxtask for a task manager.  If most
of the applications you're using are Qt based rather than GTK+ based
and you don't want to have both sets of user interface libraries on
your system, KDE (or razorQt which isn't in BLFS but is more
lightweight than KDE) are good options.  Another lightweight option
(also not in BLFS) is Equinox Desktop Environment.  If you'd like to
try out various window managers and see how they compare, there's a
distribution that contains 53 window managers (
http://linuxbbq.org/wiki/index.php?title=Gangbang ).  I personally
liked using Fluxbox and Openbox in the past, but have switched to jwm
and am very happy with it.  jwm is very lightweight and has few
dependencies so it's easy to build from source.  The system I'm
currently working on putting together right now will use mainly SDL,
FLTK and Fox Toolkit based applications instead of GTK+ or Qt based
ones, so I really like the idea of a window manager/desktop
environment with as few dependencies as possible.  If you want to
conserve hard drive space, that can help limit your choices.  You can
pick an option that uses the same GUI libraries as other applications
on your system.  Otherwise, it really depends on what you personally
like and everyone's tastes are different.


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