[blfs-support] Suggestions on Desktop Environment

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Wed Dec 4 06:17:23 PST 2013

On 12/04/2013 05:26 AM, akhiezer wrote:

> Part of the reasons for the switch away from DEs, was (and still is) that:
> ==
> * wanted much more control and understanding of what was in the OS;
> * DEs tend to be increasingly an OS-within-an-OS (or at least a
>    'world-within-a-world');
> * wanted much more flexibility in the components and behaviour of the
>    interface;
> * was finding oneself heading down the route of sort-of 'reverse-engineering'
>    DEs in order to try to modify and get them how we wanted them;
> * KDE/GNOME at least are prone to lurches from one (half-assed) paradigm to
>    the next (half-assed) paradigm, all the while proclaiming or insinuating
>    that the promised land has been reached or is within sight (Real Soon Now
>    (TM)); 'oh and just forget all that previous- approach/version stuff now -
>    that was "deprecated-prophets" speaking'.
> * Using such DEs often more-or-less force you 'hold your nose' while using
>    them, given some of the "technologies" that they 'require'.
> * Likewise, building such DEs (sort-of) 'from scratch' as in BLFS, tends to
>    have quite a heavy dependency-chain, that can push you down avenues that you
>    might not want to go or stay in.
> * increasingly, 'Learn ${DE}, and you learn ${DE}': whereas we wanted to dig
>    deeper into *nix per se.
> * DEs can tend to be a bit of a 'golden cage' if you don't want your
>    time/effort/resources invested in them to be substantially wasted: but the
>    latter might happen anyhow, with the aforenoted - and seemingly increasingly
>    frequent and large - lurches.
> ==
Last night, regarding this subject, I said that I had used Gnome and KDE 
and had gotten tired of them. You have captured the essence of why and 
much more eloquently than I ever could have articulated. It's the users 
who suffer and the space that gets used up when the "deprecated 
prophets" and the "apocalyptic gurus" get together. ;-)


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